Tuesday, 5 April 2016

hello again!

This is a habit I didn't want to get into ... you know, letting my page slip!

This time I have a good reason, around eight weeks ago I damaged the brachial nerve in my shoulder and I haven't been able to make beads. I thought when the nurse told me to rest my left arm it wouldn't be too bad with being right handed, how wrong was I? I think I use my left arm more than I do my right!
I am slowly easing back into bead making and I can now carry light items so fingers crossed!

In the meantime I will show you some beads you haven't seen yet.

These are purple with pink swirls, I don't tend to make pink beads but I love this glass.

The bracelet is one of my latest makes with one of my own birds, my daisy flower and some of my spacers. The colours are so soft and delicate and I adore this bracelet.

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