Friday, 8 April 2016

The great British weather

Afternoon everyone, I don't have much to report as I haven't been doing much thanks to the great British weather and the constant wind and rain we have experienced since last summer.. Summer? what's summer? I hear you ask! well that is the three day stretch of sun we have in May where a big orange ball appears in the sky. On a more serious note I have a leak in my studio and each time it rains I get a puddle on my window sill, husband is on the case but need a dry day to seal the leak from the outside, hmm ... good luck with that!

This morning saw another trip to the orthodontist with my son after his brace bracket fell off. One of his teeth is twisted so it need straightening and pulling forwards but it is a bit too twisted I think and it has fell off twice. Third time lucky I hope, The orthodontist is brilliant with my son, he is 14 and on the autistic spectrum so putting dental equipment what buzzes in his mouth is a big no no. The lady who sorts his brace out is brilliant with him and I only explained to her once about the situation and each time we go in she makes sure he is comfortable and tells him what is going to happen and what it may feel like. She also stops straight away to calm him if anything upsets him and I wish there were more understanding people like her in the world for people like my son.

Anyway enough about my day, I'm off to make some dinner and catch up with TV while the children are relaxing, I will leave you with some seashells made with black glass and have a lovely purple frit pattern.

Also these are some ceramic earrings I recently made, I love the colours!

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